Morgan Law writes page-turners that don't always fit neatly into genre classifications. Count on finding suspense and interesting plots, memorable characters, and romantic relationships in each of her thrillers. Conversely, do not expect to find either slasher style, deep dish horror or classic science fiction writing in her books.

Law produces thought-provoking genre hybrids in which solid, believable characters are cast into extraordinary situations far beyond the boundaries of normal, day-to-day reality. Where Gaea's Tears is a suspenseful tale that smoothly interweaves strands from Native American prophecy, the occult, romance, and end-times horror, the unnerving plot of A Very Exclusive Vineyard successfully fuses elements of horror, science fiction, and romance.

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Morgan Law lived on a cattle ranch in West Texas until the drought of the 1950s forced her family to sell out and move to the city. In retrospect, it might be said that they became part of one of the earliest waves of modern-day climate refugees. Law graduated from high school in El Paso and went on to earn her undergraduate and doctoral degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.

Law has worked as a social science research and evaluation specialist, policy analyst, and computer system and Website developer. She is an avid reader who loves to garden, prepare and eat wholesome, non-processed food, and travel. She is passionate about respect for the natural environment and for non-human animals, and she does her best to practice nonviolence as a way of life. Law now lives in Central Texas with her husband of over 50 years and a beloved, three-legged rescue cat.

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